35 Incredibly Useful Adobe Lightroom Tutorials

Adobe Lightroom is an amazing tool that can help photographers to organize their photos effectively. Equally as important, it can also allow a great deal of flexibility with non-destructive editing and processing.

If you don’t have very much experience in Lightroom it is well worth the investment of your time to learn your way around the program and its various modules. Lightroom is very powerful, but the learning curve for new users is much easier as compared to learning and mastering Photoshop.

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In this article we’ll showcase 35 different tutorials that will help you to learn more about Lightroom. The tutorials cover a wide variety of topics. Some cover basic fundamentals, while others show you how to achieve something very specific. Regardless of your experience level with Lightroom, you should be able to learn something new from the tutorials featured here.

How to Create a Lomo Effect in Lightroom

Soft Light Baby Portrait Processing Lightroom Workflow

How to Create a Desaturated Cinema Effect in Lightroom

How to Achieve a Clean Edit in Lightroom

Natural Light Baby Portrait Editing Lightroom Workflow

How to Use the Graduated Filter Tool in Lightroom

Editing a Backlit Photo in Lightroom

How to Use the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom

Crop Tool Overlay

How to Create HDR Effects in Lightroom

Lightroom White Balance Adjustments

Color Correction in Lightroom

How to Create a Grainy Matte Effect in Lightroom

Building a Film-Style Look in Lightroom

Using the Upright Tool

7 Steps to Great Black & Whites in Lightroom 5

Get Striking High-Speed Black and White Effects in Lightroom

How to Take More Control Over Black and White Conversions

How to Recover and Process an Underexposed RAW Photo

How to Save an Underexposed Photo Using Lightroom

How to Use the Histogram to Fix Exposure and Reveal Hidden Detail

How to Create a Vintage Photo Effect in Lightroom

Use the Virtual Copies Feature to Test Different Looks

Selective Adjustments in Lightroom

How to Use the Tone Curve in Lightroom to Bump Up Contrast

How to Repair Blown Out Colors

How to Create a Photo Collage in the Lightroom Print Module

Create and Apply Watermarks to Your Photos

How to Recover Blow Outs by Editing in Layers

How to Backup Lightroom in the Cloud

How to Save Hours of Time Editing by Syncing RAW Files

How to Fix and Improve Your Photos with Lightroom

Using The Liquify Tool To Fix Distractions In Your Image

Blurring Backgrounds

Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Lightroom to Speed Up Your Editing Workflow


Now you have a large collection of tutorials and training resources that can help you to improve your skills in Lightroom. Learning from others is a great way to master Lightroom quickly, so find a few tutorials that interest you. Also, if you’re working to master Lightroom you may want to bookmark this post for future reference.