The Best Black Friday Deals for Photographers - 2018 Edition

Things always get a little crazy this time of year. During Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) we usually see deals and discounts popping up everywhere, and this year is no different!

This is a great time to stock up on photographer gear, training, courses, and other really useful photography products. The list below includes products that we strongly believe in and that we’ve used ourselves. Of course there’s still tons of other Black Friday deals on sites like Amazon and other online retailers, but this year we’re focusing on photography education. If you’re ready to take your photography to the next level and improve your skills, check out the deals below.

Of course don’t forget that that every single product in the Contrastly Store are also discounted during Black Friday and Cyber Week, until December 2, 2018 (50% off and more!)

Photzy's Snap Cards: Essentials

Photzy’s Snap Cards: Essentials (81% off)

The Snap Cards Essentials Pack contains 20 printable key photography cheatsheets that you can take with you anywhere! It includes training for camera use, exposure control, photographing people, composition, and even some special techniques.

81% off – No discount code needed.

Extremely Essential Camera Skills

Extremely Essential Camera Skills (70% off)

The Extremely Essential Camera Skills ebook is packed to the brim with instructional material, tips, tricks, advices, and more importantly actionable tips you can use to really learn your camera and capture amazing moments.

70% off – No discount code needed.

More Brides

More Brides eBook (30% off)

Our friends at Shotkit have lots of great books. One of our favorites is More Brides. You can get a 30% discount on this hugely popular guide to making more money as a wedding photographer in 2019! This is valid November 22-24, 2018.

30% off – Discount code black2018.


Hedge backup solutions (40% off)

The folks at Hedge offer best-in-class backup solutions. Complete with super fast transfer, simultaneous backups, and amazing flexibility. And best of all it’s all compatible with Mac and Windows. if you’re looking for a solid backup solution, now’s the time!

40% off – Discount code CONTRASTLY.

The Photography Tutorial eBook

The Photography Tutorial eBook (60% off)

This relentlessly in-depth eBook is designed to help you master challenging lighting conditions no matter your experience level, take more compelling photos, and post-process them to perfection!

60% off – No discount code needed.

SmartAlbums and SmartSlides

SmartAlbums and SmartSlides (40% off)

This Black Friday don’t just spend money, invest in something that will save time and grow your business. Take advantage of this great deal from Pixellu: 40% off SmartAlbums, the ultimate album builder and SmartSlides, a simple slideshow maker.

40% off – No discount code needed.

All products from PhotographySpark

All products from PhotographySpark (50% off)

From learning SEO (search engine optimization), to understand how Facebook Ads can work for your photography business, if you’re looking to get more traction online now is the perfect time to grab their awesome books at 50% off.

50% off – No discount code needed.

I hope you like those Black Friday deals we’ve collected for you! Most of the deals listed on this page are valid during the whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday week-end and some of them extend to the full week. Make sure you check the dates on each site to ensure you’re getting the discounted pricing.

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