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How to Pick the Right Camera Bag for Your Needs

Michael Gabriel Michael Gabriel April 21, 2014 camera bag gear tips & tricks

How to Pick the Right Camera Bag for Your NeedsOne of the things that most photographers, especially the newbies, take for granted is their camera bag. While others are quite picky with the bag they use for their paraphernalia (including the camera itself), quite a few are contented with just using their everyday backpacks.

Using the right camera bag is important because it is the main thing that you use to securely carry and transport your equipment. As there are quite a lot of choices in the market nowadays, choosing one that’s good, dependable, functional and sturdy can be quite difficult. To help you deal with this dilemma, here are some tips that you can use as a guide for buying your first camera bag.

Is it Just the Gear?

Jo Plumridge Jo Plumridge April 7, 2014 cameras gear opinion