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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Long Exposure

July 28, 2014 by Christina Harman

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Long ExposureStar trails, soft streaky clouds, silky smooth water. What do all of these images have in common?

If you guessed a long exposure time, you’re right. Long exposure photography is the art of using a slow shutter speed (long exposure) to capture the cumulative effects of time passing – in one image. This technique allows you to capture clouds as they travel across the sky or the lights of traffic as they move along the highway.

Long exposure photography is addictive! This technique offers rewarding results – images that are unique and artistic. While perfecting the art of long exposure takes a bit of practice – and a lot of trial and error, the results are worth it.

Are you ready to get started with long exposure? Read on to see ten amazing things that happen when you slow your shutter down.