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4 Tips for More Compelling Images of Water

March 4, 2015 by Adam Welch

Be More Than Ordinary: Four Tips for More Compelling Images of WaterWater. It is the most precious and life giving of elements. At times peaceful and serene while at other times bringing great devastation and destruction. It has long been a favourite subject matter for photographers simple because it possesses so much potential for creating an interesting image.

However, the fact that water is so common means that it has been photographed to the point of exhaustion. Sometimes it seems to be somewhat “overdone“. It’s easy to get discouraged and think you simply can’t take a photo of water that doesn’t feel tired and artistically redundant.

Well I have good news. Take heart my weary and down trodden camera jockey. Water is still an outstanding subject for you to shoot and is also an excellent way to expand your photographic creativity.