10 Must-See Portrait Lighting Video Tutorials

Lighting portraits – whether it’s using natural or artificial light, using reflectors, speedlights, and other accessories – is a skill that should be in every photographer’s arsenal.

We’ve collected 10 great lighting video tutorials that cover a wide range of techniques and tips & tricks regarding portrait lighting. In the videos below you’ll learn to use natural light to shoot stunning portraits, you’ll also learn to use softboxes and diffusers, how to bounce light, and so much more. So, grab a snack and enjoy :)

Laws of Light: 5 Portrait Lighting Setups

Use Strobes when natural light Fails

How to Take Amazing Photos Under Direct Sunlight (using only your camera)

Bounce for Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting: Chloe

The Westcott Eyelighter: Portrait Lighting to Beat the Competition

Portrait Lighting Tutorials – Secrets To Using Softboxes

One Light Portrait Lighting for Awesome Portraits & Headshots

Three-Point Lighting for Portrait Photography

3 Different Ways to Use a Parabolic Softbox

I hope you learned a thing or two 😃 If there are other video tutorials that you think should’ve made it on this list, please share them with us on Twitter or Facebook, or even email us the link and we might feature it in a next article.

10 Must-See Portrait Lighting Video Tutorials
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