Lightroom Mastery eBook

This book will show you how to use Lightroom Classic to its full potential; not by droning repetitions of someone else’s editing style, but through teaching you the basic premises of the software using easy to understand, real-world language that will unlock your potential for learning.

Post-processing your digital photos is an integral part of the photographic experience. Your photographic experience. The digital photo which is left unprocessed is akin to a roll of film left in its canister, undeveloped and unseen. Every photograph you have ever seen has either been developed in a darkroom or processed digitally, or both.

We have designed this ebook to look great on many devices and offer a comfortable reading experience. The included PDF is perfect for reading on your desktop computer or tablet.

This ebook is broken down into 17 chapters that contain 265+ pages packed to the brim with knowledge, advice, tips & tricks, and training material to help you become a master of Lightroom Classic. Start making sense of all those sliders; learn to use Lightroom Classic like a pro!

What's Included

265+ pages ebook .pdf file


Adobe Lightroom Classic also works with earlier versions of Lightroom (6, CC2015, Classic CC)

System Compatibility

The ebook can be read/viewed on any device
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Why read Lightroom Mastery?

Learn everything there is about the tools, panels, and modules in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

  • The most up-to-date and current ebook on Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Make sense of all the icons and sliders that are found in Lightroom Classic
  • Get a deeper understanding of how (and why!) to work with certain sections
  • Develop your own style and your own presets; kick your photo editing into gear
  • Learn about the brand new Creative Profiles now available in LR Classic!
  • Discover how saturation, vibrance, sharpness & other settings work in Lightroom
  • Take your photo editing to new heights by mastering local adjustment tools
  • Effectively apply split toning and other effects to your images
  • Master the HSL panel to give your photos that color boost you've always wanted
  • Learn how to master the adjustment brush, graduated filter, radial filter, and more
  • Find out how to crop responsibly and effectively in Lightroom Classic
  • Master every type of effect that is possible within the software
  • You'll even learn to use the Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web modules!
  • Become a master of keyboard shortcuts and speed up your editing workflow
Lightroom Mastery Pages

What People Are Saying

Don't take our word for it. Here's what people have said about the Lightroom Mastery eBook.

I purchased the Lightroom mastery ebook and at last, I have a good handle on the software. After reading many other tutorials, I was still left with some confusion. The ebook has taken me to a new understanding of Lightroom. – Les Morrison
Lightroom Mastery turned out to be way beyond what I could have ever imagined. It's a lifetime tool to be taken wherever your camera goes. You'll come back with photographs that you always thought that only some professional could take. Thank you! – Llewellynn Scott
I have already highlighted enough material to more than justify the purchase. The eBook is well laid out and is very easy to follow. I will certainly be looking to purchase additional resources from Contrastly. – Scot Bruesewitz
A very comprehensive and easy to understand guide to Lightroom. I have purchased other guides, but this is by far the best! – Duncan Jackson
I am just starting to go through Lightroom Mastery, and it looks as though it will be an invaluable reference work in learning how to exploit Lightroom's full potential. – David Mosey
I purchased the Lightroom Mastery ebook and I'm very pleased with the purchase – It's very thorough and easy to follow. – Peggy Murphy

What is Included?

Lightroom Mastery contains a total of 17 chapters (that's 265+ pages.) Below you'll find the complete list of chapters in the ebook.

Complete with screenshots and example photos, this ebook, by award-winning photographer and author Adam Welch, will guide you on your Lightroom Classic journey.

  • Preface 9
  • Chapter 1: The Library Download Free Chapter 12
  • Chapter 2: Importing & Exporting Images 32
  • Chapter 3: The Develop Module 53
  • Chapter 4: Mastering Basic Development 64
  • Chapter 5: Mastering Local Adjustment Tools 73
  • Chapter 6: Mastering The Tone Curve 109
  • Chapter 7: Mastering The HSL Panel 117
  • Chapter 8: Mastering The Split Toning Panel 129
  • Chapter 9: Mastering Detail 134
  • Chapter 10: Lens Corrections, Transform, Calibration 149
  • Chapter 11: Mastering Effects 160
  • Chapter 12: Mastering The Spot Removal Tool 168
  • Chapter 13: Cropping & Red-Eye Reduction 174
  • Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Mastering Develop Presets and Profiles 183
  • Chapter 15: Mastering Photo Merge 211
  • Chapter 16: Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, Web 227
  • Chapter 17: Final Thoughts On Post-Processing, Lightroom, And You 259
  • Extras: Lightroom Pro Tips & Shortcuts 262
  • Acknowledgements 265

Now is the time to invest in your photographic and post-processing education... get the Lightroom Classic training you deserve with the Lightroom Mastery ebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What software do I need to read the Lightroom Mastery ebook?

First of all, you definitely should have Adobe Lightroom Classic (the desktop-based version of Lightroom) installed on your computer since that's what this ebook is about!

This ebook comes in PDF format – thus any PDF reader application will work just fine.

Are there any system requirements?

No. The beauty of PDF files is that they can be viewed on almost any device, from Mac to Windows, iOS and Android. For as long as you can open a PDF file, you'll be fine. The only system requirement is that you have Adobe Lightroom Classic installed on your computer – that's what this ebook is about after all :)

Can I read this ebook on any device?

The ebook is a PDF file, which can be viewed on pretty much any device (iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows tablets, etc...)

When will I receive my download link for my order?

Once you complete your purchase you will receive 2 emails: the first one is a receipt that details the transaction, and the second email contains your login information. Those emails are usually sent right away.

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What happens when there's an update to Lightroom?

When Adobe releases a major update to their Lightroom Classic software, we'll update the ebook with the latest information and notify you when the updated Lightroom Mastery ebook file can be downloaded (we won't cover minor updates and bug fixes, only major updates and changes).

How can I get in contact with you?

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