5 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Photography Skills During Lockdown/Quarantine

Even though parts of the world are now seeing restrictions easing in light of the new Covid-19 vaccines, many of us are still under lockdown, whether mandatory or self-imposed.

We’re all eager to get back out there with our cameras to capture all the beauty of the world around us. In the meantime, there’s no reason you shouldn’t improve your photography skills! Here are a few tips.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills During Lockdown/Quarantine

Know Your Photo

Photography is a special medium that has been in use for almost 200 years. The first camera was a French design in about 1816. It took many years of development to perfect the camera and film development process.

There have been countless photos taken over the years that have contributed to the art of photography. The range of subjects runs from landscapes to portraits, all the way to macro photography and astrophotography.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills During Lockdown/Quarantine
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While older cameras only had manual settings, today’s cameras are marvels o technological advancement. That is something to appreciate. Learning all the ins and outs of your camera and lenses is crucial to capture great photos.

It’s similar to a painter knowing which brush to use and when as well as how to mix colors and textures. This can help develop your artistic style.

Know Your Subject

It is important to know and understand what you are taking a picture of and why. This distinction separates artwork from images. The idea, story, or concept you are trying to get across to your viewers is just as critical as the subject matter.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills During Lockdown/Quarantine

Context is very important; it is the artistic space you are working in. It conveys meaning in the photograph that will set the tone or mood.

How you, as an artist, decide to use this space is up to you, but understanding this relationship between your subject and its surroundings is of the greatest importance.

Know Your Camera

Photography is a collaboration between you and your camera. Using the right tools for the job is as important as knowing how to work your medium, the camera.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills During Lockdown/Quarantine

Artists are known for pushing limits and boundaries. That is what sets apart a good photographer from a great one. Research your camera before you buy it. In fact, research every single piece of equipment to understand its capabilities better.

Remember, pushing boundaries is what artists do best. There’s nothing wrong with using the auto mode on your DSLR, but if you’re ready to take your photography to the next level, manual mode is where the magic happens.

Understanding Composition

When the basic rules of composition are understood, it moves photography to a new level. The amazing thing is that creating powerful compositions is a skill that can be learned.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills During Lockdown/Quarantine

Start with some tried and true composition techniques like the Rule of Thirds. When you feel comfortable with it, try experimenting and breaking the rules. Don’t forget that composition is not just about the Rule of Thirds! Look up the Phi Grid, the Golden Spiral, the Golden Ration, leading lines, how to use symmetry and patterns, and other techniques. The possibilities are endless.

Study the Masters

Look at the great photographers and study how they compose their photographs. Try to learn how they used shadows and light to create their images. Look at art through an image URL on the web.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills During Lockdown/Quarantine

Social media is a massive pool of creativity. Find a group of photographers you look up to and study their photographs to better understand what makes them stand out.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to travel half-way around the world to capture great images. The web affords us the convenience of being able to travel without leaving home.


The art of photography is yours to use as you wish. Knowing your subject and how to properly capture it in context will further your artistic style. Learning to use your gear successfully, studying the work of others, and creating powerful compositions will lead to a greater understanding of its capabilities. You just need to stick to it and learn as you move forward.

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