275+ Excellent Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is one of the most popular options for photo editing, and with good reason. Those who process a large number of photos can increase efficiency and decrease the time spent processing and editing thanks to a number of different features.

One of those features that allows for a great deal of efficiency and saved time is the use of presets, particularly in the Develop Module in Lightroom Classic.

With the help of presets you can apply the same effects to photos over and over again, and you can even apply them to a large number of photos all at once. Lightroom comes with a small number of presets already installed, plus you can download free presets, purchase professional presets, or create your own.

One the best things about Lightroom presets is that they are completely editable and flexible. You can apply a preset and then make minor or major adjustments to those settings to suit the needs of a specific photo. Since the results of presets will always vary a little from one photo to the next, flexibility is key.

There are a number of different sites where you can download free presets. In this post we’ll showcase 275+ excellent free presets that you can download and put to use with your own photos. Don’t forget that we also offer 25 free Lightroom presets to our email subscribers! You can easily sign up right here.

Rich Mono

Rich Mono (1)

The Rich Mono preset is a free lightroom preset that turns colorful images to black and white. This monochromatic preset adds not only black and white colors but a sepia tone which makes photos look vintage.

Download the Presets Here ←

ON1 Signature Collection Volume 1

ON1 Signature Collection Volume 1 (60)

Enhance your images with the ON1 Signature Collection Presets for Lightroom. Use this collection of 60 presets, created with the adjustment tools found in Lightroom, to make your images pop

Download the Presets Here ←

Aged B&W Print

Aged B&W Print (1)

This free aged black & white Lightroom preset is a very bright and soft mix with sepia tones and white rounded corners. There’s some serious vintage and retro aesthetics here.

Download the Presets Here ←

Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea (1)

The Sweet Tean preset works very well with food photographs (obviously) but it will work just was well with any other style of photography.

Download the Presets Here ←

Basic Colour Enhance

Basic Colour Enhance (3)

The 3 presets included in the Basic Colour Enhance pack from InfuzedMedia will do exactly what you would expect and adjust the colors and bring out some clarity in your photographs.

Download the Presets Here ←

Color Pop

Color Pop (1)

If you want to make your photos “pop”, this is a great set to have in your arsenal of Lightroom presets. Make the details stand out and add some vibrance to your images.

Download the Presets Here ←


Vibrant (1)

This free preset from PresetLove does exactly what the name suggests; making your images more vibrant by adjusting contrast, saturation, and vibrance. A must download!

Download the Presets Here ←


Flatiron (1)

A very gritty and moody preset, the Flatiron preset will give your images a cinematic and a very dark and urban vibe. This preset works really well with street photographs.

Download the Presets Here ←


Sunrise (10)

The Sunrise Lightroom presets have been designed in such a way that any outdoor photography will look professionally improved. This pack of 10 presets is a must-have for any nature and landscape photographer.

Download the Presets Here ←

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink (2)

This pack includes two different pink presets, one that is hazy/low contrast and another one with more contrast. The only difference between the two presets is the Vibrance and Tone Curve adjustments.

Download the Presets Here ←

ON1 Signature Collection Volume 2

ON1 Signature Collection Volume 2 (29)

This collection of 29 presets for Lightroom will help you get the look of popular Instagramâ„¢ filters, cross-processing techniques, grunge looks, and much more!

Download the Presets Here ←

Free Presets Volume 1

Free Presets Volume 1 (20)

This free pack of Lightroom presets from ShutterSweets is a mixed bag of some useful presets. There’s a wide range of styles and adjustments in this pack.

Download the Presets Here ←

10 Free Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets

Free Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets (10)

A picture tells a story, why not make it interesting? From sunny forest portraits to bright and open landscapes, give any image that dark and dramatic look in a single click with Dark & Moody presets.

Download the Presets Here ←

Soft Rose

Soft Rose (1)

The soft rose Lightroom preset from EliseEnchanted will bring out the reds and pinks in your images. It works very well with images of nature, trees, and of course, flowers.

Download the Presets Here ←


Beauty (1)

A great preset from The CoffeeShop Blog. This preset can really make a difference on portraits. All you need to do is adjust the exposure slightly after applying the preset.

Download the Presets Here ←

3D Dimension

3D Dimension (1)

The 3D Dimension preset will turn your urban and street images into works of art. It works wonders on portraits as well as street, and architecture. Download this one for a moody urban look.

Download the Presets Here ←


Vintage (10)

Compliments of Presetpro, this pack of 10 vintage Lightroom presets will give your photos that vintage film look we all know and love. If you’re after monochrome presets, this set will also deliver in that area.

Download the Presets Here ←

Autumn Road

Autumn Road (1)

This free lightroom preset will give your pictures a colorful matte effect and brighten the shadows so details will appear clearer. It’s a single preset, but it’s worth downloading.

Download the Presets Here ←

Altphotos Free Presets

Altphotos Free Presets (10)

This great set of free Lightroom presets contains many very useful presets. From basic adjustments to monochrome, as well as warm and cold tones and retro finishes. A must have!

Download the Presets Here ←

Mini Enlighten

Mini Enlighten (15)

With Mini Enlighten presets pack, you can create 8 different looks using color, black & white, and toning presets – adjust exposure, boost midtones or contrast, and perfect your images.

Download the Presets Here ←

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom (1)

This preset by Nicole S. Young was created to celebrate spring and flowers blooming. And this preset delivers. Make sure you download this free preset from Nicole’s site.

Download the Presets Here ←

Cole's Classroom Free Presets

Cole’s Classroom Free Presets (15)

While this pack is a mixed bag of presets, it’s worth downloading for the Crisp, Clean, Color Lightroom preset alone. The Bitchin’ Summer is also really useful, so is the Big Bold Color preset.

Download the Presets Here ←


Fantasy (1)

Free Fantasy Lightroom Preset was carefully handcrafted to help you advanced and create a vibrant fantasy tone into your photographs. It’s a great choice for a myriad of styles of photography.

Download the Presets Here ←

Beach Chic

Beach Chic (1)

Fancy a trip to the beach? This free Lightroom preset will make your beach and sunny images stand out. It will not only increase the clarity in your images but also give them a slight vintage vibe.

Download the Presets Here ←

Cinematic Landscape

Cinematic Landscape (35)

This comprehensive suite of Lightroom presets is designed for landscape photographers. If you want to give your landscape photos a bit of a cinematic look, download this pack!

Download the Presets Here ←

Inspired by VSCO Cam

Inspired by VSCO Cam (10)

This pack of presets was inspired by VSCO Cam and it’s great! From warm and muted tones to classic black & white presets, this set will get you on the right track.

Download the Presets Here ←

High Contrast Black & White

High Contrast Black & White (1)

With this free Lightroom preset you can give your photos a beautiful high-contrast black & white conversion. The preset works very well with a wide variety of photos.

Download the Presets Here ←


Alice (1)

The Alice preset will make your images clearer and more saturated, all while retaining the original colors of your images. Works really well on images where the lighting wasn’t ideal.

Download the Presets Here ←


Fashion (20)

If you’re into fashion or lifestyle photography, the free Fashion pack from CreativeTacos (which contains 20 presets) will help you turn your images into beautiful shots.

Download the Presets Here ←

BeArt Free Presets

BeArt Free Presets (10)

From wedding and portrait presets to more specific black & white film presets, this whole pack is carefully crafted and will allow you to create crisp and clean photos.

Download the Presets Here ←

Urban Presets

Urban Presets (10)

These free Lightroom presets for street photography and urban portraits will add a grungy, high contrast look to your images. Ten urban presets are included in this collection.

Download the Presets Here ←

Autumn Color Boost HDR

Autumn Color Boost HDR (1)

This free Adobe Lightroom preset is ideal for autumn landscape photos. It will boost the dynamic range and enhance the fall colors at the same time.

Download the Presets Here ←

Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape (1)

This Adobe Lightroom preset will give a boost to the typical autumn colors, so it can be great for getting fall photos to really pop. It works very well on photos that otherwise lack some vibrance and clarity.

Download the Presets Here ←


Skyfall (1)

The Skyfall preset is such a great addition to any presets library. If you’re after those crushed blacks and very detailed images, make sure you download this preset. Works well with landscapes as well as portraits.

Download the Presets Here ←


1895 (1)

This preset from PresetLove has some solid retro and vintage vibes. If you’re after a preset that can give you very vintage sepia tones, look no further that the 1895 preset.

Download the Presets Here ←

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of great Lightroom presets. If you’d like even more amazing Lightroom presets, check out our Complete Lightroom & ACR Presets Bundle right here in the Contrastly Store.

Of course don’t forget to sign up for the Contrastly newsletter, you’ll get 25 free Lightroom presets when you subscribe!

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