The Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle

Simplify your editing workflow, and save time and money doing it. Get instant access to all of our premium Lightroom presets. That's over $700 worth of presets for one crazy low price. You save over 85% and will get all future updates free, for life.

Contrastly Lightroom Presets Preview

The 1,100+ Lightroom presets included in the Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle were designed by and for photographers. We use those very same presets when editing our own images – and now you can too!

Purchasing this bundle is a one-time payment. It is not a recurring subscription or membership. The bundle includes all the presets we carry in the Contrastly store at the time of purchase as well as every single future updates. Purchasing this bundle through our store also gives you access to the LRToolkit master kit. All presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5, 6, and CC (and most will also work with LR 4), and they work great with RAW and JPG photos.

Limited Time Offer (usually $700+)

Included Lightroom Preset Packs

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What People Are Saying

Don't take our word for it. Here are some of the things people have said about our Lightroom presets.

  • I have been using your presets on all the works I have done since I downloaded them. They are my go-to settings in lightroom. They really make my photos pop. Thank you! – Max Breadon
  • I purchased the Contrastly Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle and have no regrets. It covers just about eveything you need for your photographic work. The price is very reasonable compared to other preset companies. For value for money I would highly recommend these presets. – Jim Robb
  • So far I love your presets, they are beautiful. And I love how you gave step-by-step instructions on how to add them to my Lightroom Develop Presets collection. – Jennifer Smith
  • This bundle is fantastic – it contains all the presets you are likely to need, and the customer service and response time from Contrastly is fantastic – highly recommended! – Richard Smith
  • I just downloaded an update, and seriously, getting these presets has been the most solid purchase I have made in a very long time. I use them all the time. What I like most about them is their attention to detail which gives me the opportunity to make very subtle adjustments or if I’m feeling perky I can go all out. I’m finding images I never thought I’d print, but now I look at them and wonder how creative I can get with your presets. Great job! – Mike Sturgeon
  • I'm able to work faster and the presets always give me great results. Work smarter so you can spend more time in the field. – Carlton Phelps
  • Incredible and easy to use. I used VSCO before but the look I wanted was not easily attainable. These presets are more in line with what I see in my head when taking photographs, and otherwise provide a nice base to build off of. 10/10! – Mike Maloney
  • Very comprehensive and useful set of Lightroom presets. – Dean Wampler
  • If one's new to Lightroom I would highly suggest this bundle once you get familiar with all of your settings. This will make life a little easier for some of the newer people using Lightroom. A+ – Alexander Inglis
  • I purchased the Aged Film sets. They're inexpensive and a great deal. […] They do give options that I would not have thought of, so it is worthwhile having. – Terryl Knox
  • I found the presets to be very effective and easy to use. The service provided by your staff was both prompt and courteous. – Marvin Baer

Make your Lightroom post-processing workflow painless. Stop creating adjustments from scratch! Get a head start with our easy-to-use one-click presets. You'll save time & energy and will be back behind the lens in no time at all.

Limited Time Offer (usually $700+)