The Impact of Photography on the Fashion Industry

Most people will have probably connected photography to fashion shows in the fashion industry and that is not wrong at all. Photography has been playing a very important part in the fashion industry for years and its contributions are many.

Photography has a lot to offer to fashion and it can not only help portray it in its most natural moments but it can also give it a way to spread and grow. Here are some of the ways in which photography has affected and impacted the fashion industry.

The Impact of Photography on the Fashion Industry

It establishes communication between fashion designers and the public

Photography was the very first thing that offered fashion designers a way to make their creations known all over the world. On top of that, it allowed people to have a direct look at their work and be able to have an opinion on the new trends.

In the past, when social media platforms were not present, people didn’t always have the ability to have a peek at the fashion trends of their times and there wasn’t an easy way to get involved. Nowadays, where almost everyone owns an online account, they can very easily follow their favorite designers and fashion houses and see their creations first hand.

This fact also gives a lot of freedom to the creators, who are able to get direct feedback on their designs and also further promote their designs. Photography gave them the freedom to share their creations with the world and that changed the influence of the fashion industry by a lot.

It helps people see every fashion show without actually attending

Even for those who are in love with fashion trends and enjoy following fashion shows, it will definitely not be possible for them to show up at every show all around the world. Photography is here to save the day as it offered a whole new way of following fashion trends and shows.

Photographs, instead of videos, offer the viewer a chance to take their time and study each outfit carefully. They show the model in natural movement and give the outfit the best conditions to show off. This alone can help any fashion addict chose their next fashion picks and help them feel as if they were present at any fashion event they might have wished to see.

The Impact of Photography on the Fashion Industry

For those who wish to see the biggest fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week but do not have the funds or the time to attend, pictures can still help them stay up to date and even allow them to put together their own unique and trendy outfits through their own personal sense of style.

Without photography, that wouldn’t really be possible as no words could accurately describe what a picture can show, especially when it comes to fashion.

It helps enrich and expand the online fashion community

Fashion articles and blogs are a great way for anyone to stay informed of the latest additions to the fashion world and are usually always run by fashion lovers from all around the world. Fashion photography gave this blogs a chance to become a lot more influential by incorporating pictures of various fashion shows into their newest posts.

The visual aspect in a fashion article is very important when trying to attract more people and it helps those loyal fashion followers have a better understanding of how to combine colors and textures in order to follow the trends they love the most.

The online fashion community is a large one and one of the best things about it is that the followers can have direct access to their favorite creators’ profiles at any time. While in the past photographs could only be viewed on magazines, and only done by professionals, social media has given every creator a chance to share their creations with the public and have feedback about their hard work in a matter of seconds.

The Impact of Photography on the Fashion Industry

The “bad” aspect of photography in the fashion industry

In the past, photographs were used in the fashion industry to either show a new trend or even pass along a message through fashion. In our day and time, this fact seems to have been slightly altered and while fashion is the main aspect of each picture, some elements have been incorporated which have changed the standards of the fashion industry.

The most common problem with most fashion pictures is the excessive amounts of Photoshop that is being used. This is a means of altering models’ bodies and eliminating any “imperfections” the photographers or the editors might come across.

While initially this was done in order to make pictures more flawless in the creators’ eyes, through the growth of social media, the online fashion community saw a problem with this tactic. Models were found portrayed in a much more unlikely way and their bodies were made a lot thinner than they actually were. This illusion in their proportions was truly problematic for not only the models themselves but also for the girls of all ages who looked up to them.

In our day and time, more and more women in the fashion and even the music and film industry ask that their pictures are not altered during the editing process. This not only helps set good examples to younger women who admire them but it also gives photography the chance to show the true beauty of the models behind the pictures, which in any and every case should be celebrated.

Photography is an inseparable part of the fashion industry

Whether it is done by professionals or simply by fashion lovers who attend their favorite fashion shows, photography allows the world to have an instant view on the newest fashion trends of runways from all around the world. Fashion has never been as available as it is today and photography through the years came to play a very important part in this fact.

As long as the pictures are true to the reality behind them, fashion photography only has good things to offer to those who use it. Not only is it able to connect people from all over the world with their favorite fashion designers but it also gives the creators a chance to know what their audience is thinking of their work at any time.

Photography will always help designers spreads their messages and make their work known worldwide. What is your favorite thing about fashion photographs? Please chime in via Facebook or Twitter.

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