Three Reasons to Offer a Proposal Session Package

With social media being the most prevalent way of sharing information these days, the cell phone has become the most popular way to capture events as they are happening. However, it has been my experience that when it comes time to print those in-the-moment shots, quality leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s all the more reason to add “Proposal Services” to your list of packages. It may seem like a lot of pressure to be the only one snapping photos while one of the biggest moments in the lives of a couple is taking place, but with confidence, good equipment and prior planning, you have the potential to skyrocket your business.

photograph by Andrew Abogado

Sharing That Special Moment

You are helping a couple remember such a special moment in their relationship and they will be able to share it with generations to come.

Some of my favorite moments with my mom are when she pulls out her photo album from when she and my dad dated in the eighty’s. The idea of photographing the proposal has been around for a while, but the trend has become more popular and widely practiced since the dawn of Pinterest. It’s really such a unique experience to be there to watch everything go down; I still get chills of excitement when I look back over the proposals I have photographed.

Helping Couples Remember

You may even help the shocked bride-to-be remember what exactly happened!

As it typically can be with big events of anticipation, it can happen and be over before you even realize it. When my fiancé proposed to me, I can remember a lot about it, but not exactly what happened because I was so excited that the time I had dreamed of finally came.

It’s the same with a lot of girls, they get so overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation that they get caught up in the moment and don’t take the time to look around and remember everything sequentially. That’s where your services are valuable! Not to mention, it will take the edge off the nerves of the poor groom-to-be by running through everything with you time and time again until it happens. And they get really nervous!

Leading To More Work

You could score a formal engagement session and the wedding.

If you do a great job for the couple’s proposal, it’s likely that they will come to you for formal engagement pictures (these now get blasted out to hundreds of family members and friends on save-the-dates so it’s like built-in publicity for you).

Relationships between couples are intimate and it really takes a special bond and comfortability between the couple and a photographer to get images that really capture the intimacy of their relationship without being invasive. In short – they have to trust you, and if you were there for the proposal, that is a huge step in understanding them as a couple and they will likely be more comfortable with hiring you for the wedding after they have seen the outstanding results you’ve given them for the proposal and engagement.

It may seem like a ridiculous trend, but what do you have to lose by in partaking in it? Nothing! You only have business to gain by those hundreds of shares on Facebook and Twitter.

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